Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Rapala Fillet Glove - Large

Rapala Fillet Glove - Large

Berkley Coated Grip Gloves

  • Coated gloves with textured grip
  • Durable and Flexible
  • Reduces the risks associated with handling fish
  • Easily grips slippery fish
  • Washable

ABOUT: Berkley Coated Grip Gloves

With the Berkley Coated Grip Gloves, you can safely handle your slippery catch.

WARNING: Prop 65


Berkley Coated Grip Gloves
• Coated gloves with textured grip
• Durable and Flexible
• Reduces the risks associated with handling fish
• Easily grips slippery fish
• Washable


Brand: Berkley
Color: Blue/Grey
Length: 11.00 (in)
Width: 6.00 (in)
Height: 3.00 (in)


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Berkley Fishing
Berkley Fishing Gloves Review by the Fat Fisherman


The Berkley story is deeply rooted in the idea of the American Dream. It is about humble beginnings and unexpected success. It's about hard work, struggle, and tough times. And it's about building partnerships to accomplish goals. Still, the story of Berkley is much more than the story of Berkley Bedell. It's also the story of dedicated co-workers and loyal customers, who were equally willing to take risks.

It all began in Spirit Lake, Iowa, in June of 1937, when 16-year-old Berkley Bedell took $50.00 from his paper route earnings to start a business selling his hand-tied flies to fishing tackle shops and vacationing anglers. In his upstairs bedroom, with hair clipped from the family dog, Stubby, and feathers from the backyard chickens, young Berkley crafted flies to entice local bluegill and bass from their underwater cover. The Berkley Fly Co. was founded.

In 1959, Berkley introduced Trilene at about the same time DuPont introduced Stren. To help introduce the new line, Berk sent out thousands of sample spools of line and asked store owners to have their best fisherman try it on a spinning reel. Fishermen loved the line and it began the successful launch of Berkley Trilene.

The next four decades were a time of great growth for the company. In the 1960's Berkley entered into the rod business, which lead to international expansion in the 1970's. Soft plastic baits made an appearance in the 1980's. The 1990's through today have seen significant technology improvements in all of the Berkley products. From the beginning, Berkley has committed significant resources to research and development - a continuing strategy that has resulted in countless product innovations, including Berkley Trilene, the Lightning Rod, PowerBait, FireLine, and more recently Gulp!? and Gulp! Alive.


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